Treat Your Body
230 North 6th St. (corner of Roebling St.) Brooklyn, NY 11211   
As people, we always try to find a way to satisfy our five senses; the one most neglected is touch.

Based in the city that never sleeps, we here at Treat Your Body are aware of the various stresses that your body faces every day. Anxiety, pressure, and other emotions can cause tension to build in your muscles and create a feeling of fatigue, soreness and pain.

With a little help, the human body has the ability to recover and heal from almost anything. The proper massage technique will not only help you recover and heal quickly from stress, but will relax and rejuvenate.

By using our knowledge of the body, you will sleep better, be more relaxed and melt tension in different parts of the body.

Sometimes you simply deserve a treat. Why not reward yourself with a soothing escape?
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